MRI Medic Consulting Limited introduces Safe School Healthy Kids program, a School Health Service which caters to the school community and students. This school Health service is designed to ensure that the pupils and staff are in optimum state of health in order to obtain the maximum benefits from their educational pursuits in an environment that is safe and conducive for learning.

The SAFE SCHOOL HEALTHY KIDS PROGRAMME is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Appraise the health status of pupils and health personnel through pre entry school, routine medical examinations.
  • Monitoring pupil growth parameters.
  • Understand the health needs and conditions of the students and school community.
  • Provide basic services for disease prevention and management of injuries in the school.
  • Awakening health consciousness in children to develop and demonstrate increasingly sophisticated health related knowledge, skills, attitudes and practices.
  • Build school capacity to identify, treat, manage simple illnesses, injuries, infections and infestations.
  • Provision of sick bay services, first aid, essential drugs, treatment of minor ailments and referral when needed.
  • Health screening and maintenance of routine health records in the school.
  • Prevention and control of communicable/ non communicable diseases through inspections, readmissions, exclusions, educational measures, immunization, sanitation and epidemic control.

The SAFE SCHOOL – HEALTHY KIDS programme consists of the following:

  • Initial pre school questionnaire (filled by Parents ) to understand existing conditions and needs of each student.
  • On site physical examination by our medical personnel including:
    • General medical examination
    • Dental examination
    • Growth monitoring
    • Preliminary eye examination
    • Skin Examination
    • Detection of other possible health challenges
    • General medical examination
  • Mental and physical examination of Teachers and Handlers
  • Training of teaching staff on health related matters
  • Pre School Medical report
  • Periodic deworming
  • Health education of the students
  • Emergency care/ First Aid

The creation of SAFE SCHOOl – HEALTHY KIDS programme will lead to the introduction or rebranding of the School Health Day. A day set aside each year to re-establish the importance of health and safety within the school community. It will feature activities centred on the importance of a healthy lifestyle within the school community.

The charge for this service is N10,000 per enrolle, staff and pupils.

We look forward to discussing further, the prospects of initiating or rebranding the school health programme within the school community.