MRI MEDIC HEALTH PROMOTION INITIATIVE (MMHPI) We at MRI MEDIC CONSULTING LIMITED recognise the need for a sound programme for our schools and students to ensure a more knowledgeable student population as regards their personal health issues.Components of the programme include: a) Deworming programme b) Hygiene Education c) HIV/AIDS Education d) Comprehensive Sex Education e) Self Breast Examination f) Well stocked first Aid Kit


Worms affect the health of children, nutrition and social development. Worms contribute to children becoming anaemic, malnourishment, impaired cognitive development, delayed reaction time and decreased educational achievement.

Evidence suggests that effects of parasitic infections can be reversed and children perform better in school.

Hygiene Education:

Hygiene promotion is one of the most cost effective of all public health interventions, potentially improving the lives of millions annually. Poor hygiene and unsafe water are major contributors to life threatening illnesses among children annually and major contributors to school absenteeism globally. HIV/AIDS Education:

An important part of the school health programme is prevention education for HIV and AIDS, as well as education to mitigate the impact on children affected by HIV and AIDS. This information about the impact of HIV and AIDS on education systems, combined with the opportunities to reach millions of youth at school, many of whom have not yet become sexually active and have not yet begun practising high risk behaviours.

Many countries have programs on HIV and AIDS awareness with stand alone curricula containing lessons on how HIV is transmitted, what constitutes high risk behaviour, and the importance of providing support to the HIV infected, including testing and antiretroviral therapy.

Comprehensive Sex education:

This is effective at assisting young people to make healthy decisions about sex and adopt healthy sexual behaviours. Research has identified highly effective sex education and HIV prevention programs that affect multiple behaviours and achieve positive health impacts. Behavioural outcomes have included the initiation of sex as well as reducing the frequency of sex, the number of partners and incidence of unprotected sex. Long term impacts have included lower STI and pregnancy rates.

Self Breast Examination:

The practice of Breast Self Examination( BSE) has been seen to empower women, taking responsibility for their own health. Therefore, BSE is recommended for raising awareness among women. It is important to encourage women to become aware of the feel and shape of their breasts, so that they are familiar with what is normal for them and report any changes to their general practicioner.

Well Equipped First Aid Box:

The importance of a well equipped first aid box in the sick bay or school clinic cannot be overemphasised. Accidents occur daily in the school environment which could range from cuts, bruises, fever, diarrhoea to fractures and burns. The contents of this box can be used to administer basic first aid before they get to the hospital if need be. This is important because in cases of emergencies, time is of essence.